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I am grateful that I am getting more positive every day. It has taken me about 250 days to notice a real concrete improve in my level of positivity but better late than never, right?! I am really proud of the progress that I have made in the past couple years to become more of a glass half full type. 

I made myself an #inspiration wall. It makes me so happy. I put the things that are most centered. #behappy #bepositive #projectpositive


I am grateful that I am confident in my abilities as a writer. Today, I got a paper back and was not very happy with my grade. However, I was consoled when I saw that all the things on which I lost points were do to stylistic preferences rather than contextual issues. I am grateful that I am confident and proud enough of my writing style that one teacher disliking it does not sway me from continuing to write in that style. 

Lol, clearly this is not a shining example of my writing today….


I am grateful that I am precise. Today, I had to re-duct tape my bedside caddy and my white board. I decided to go for a duct tape chic look with my white board and just make a duct tape frame (since no other way has really had success actually staying stuck to my wall). If I had done a quick, lazy job of it, it would look completely ratchet. Whereas when I was very precise with how I placed and pressed down the duct tape in a very consistent way, it actually looks pretty good. 


I am grateful that I actually was proud of my creative projects this evening. I am usually very hard on myself in regards to my art. But today, I genuinely love my little basket of essential oil products and my flower arrangement. I had such a fun night and am so glad to get to see the product for weeks and months everyday as I use my lovely essential oil items. 

My awesome photo basket from ladies night at @osu_chabad I made lemon lavender foamy soap, lemon grapefruit facial moisturizer, and lavender patchouli body moisturizer. And I decorated the box, of course. This whole evening gave me so much joy. From the company to the delicious dinner to the interesting learning to the awesome activity, it was totally awesome. #greatday #greatnight #sofun #essentialoils #lavender #lemon #patchouli

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